ANST - Looking for some people on the net.

Sam R Galindo samuel68 at
Mon Mar 23 16:20:27 PST 1998

Sir mahadi's E mail is mahadi1 at
On Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:49:48 -0600 Keith Hood <jemuga at>
>Does anyone know how to contact these people, either by phone or over
>the net?
>	Sir Kein
>	Sir Mahadi
>	Sir Corwyn
>	Graf Edwin Kirchenbauer (I think I got this name wrong but not 
>I don't have access to a phone list and need to ask them some 
>about the resurrection battle at the war.  If anyone knows how to
>contact them, please email me privately and let me know.  Thanks.
>	Tomonaga
>A long bow and a strong bow,
>And let the sky grow dark.
>The nock to the cord, the shaft to the ear,
>And a foreign king for a mark!
>      --  Stolen from "The Song of the Bosonian Archers"  --
>                by Robert E. Howard, who should be
>                  the patron saint of Ansteorra
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