ANST - TRF workday

Tue Mar 24 15:51:13 PST 1998

Greetings all:

The workday at TRF went very well this last Saturday.
The crew was small but inspired and we dug flowerbeds all the way
around the armory and put a pumpkin patch by the east fence behind
the armory.   The beds were planted with herbs, snapdragons,
mexican heather, morning glory, armenian cucumbers, and large
and small pumkins.   The latches on the armory windows were
replaced with larger and stouter bolts and the hasps and locks
traded for heavier duty ones.   The weather couldn't have been
better and fun was had by all.  The volunteers worked very hard and
deserve many thanks by all who enjoy the Fair.

I had a short meeting with Mary Headley and Jeff on Friday and yes,
the battle mound is being reduced in size to make it easier for the
crowd to see the fighting and hear the heralds, as well as reduce
congestion in the area.    About 1/3 of the mound is vanishing
along the shop side and on the Sherwood forest end.   I recommended
relocating the gallows pole to one end of the mound, since it is now in
the middle of the field, and they promised to look into it.
Unfortunately, the highland games will still be held on the mound
but perhaps it will now be too short for the caber toss.
All of our other suggestions and changes were well received.

The next two workdays will be on April 11 and May 9, both
Saturdays, from noon till dark.   We will be reseeding the grass,
building window boxes, fixing the stage roof, laying stones and
pavers, cleaning out the trash piles outside the fence, and planting
more flowers among other projects.   Come on out if you can.
Bring your ideas and your tools.   Power is available.

In fine Spirit,
Vaclav Namatko (Random)
tedk at

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