ANST - Frequency of Colors in K&P arms

John Ruble jruble at
Tue Mar 24 23:19:17 PST 1998

Daniel said:
> Estrill, thanks for the survey of existing K&P arms!  (To
> answer your final comment: I'm not particularly happy that
> purpure and vert were both used much more frequently than in
> period, even discounting the vert laurel wreaths.  Red is
> also less common than in period in most places, as I
> understand it.)
I really think Estrill ought to get the Award of the Smoking Computer
for that.  It was a nice survey of Current Middle Ages practice, and it
is nice to see so many of the kingdoms and principalities put effort
into designing arms that more closely match period practice (with a few
exceptions).  Especially since many of those arms were designed before
the College of Arms grew up as much as it has.

Maybe something like this should be given to the local heralds to help
potential armigers design their arms.  I know that when I first took
office, I knew nothing I hadn't seen in Robin Hood (Erroll Flynn
version).  A good statistical breakdown of what was done In Period might
help push the Terrarium model of the middle ages instead of tacitly
promoting the Museum model.

I really like those two models, Daniel.  Did you coin them or get them
from someone else?

Writing from a hotel room in San Francisco with a stomach full of
seafood and breathing the Bay air... ah...

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