ANST - Frequency of Colors in K&P arms

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Wed Mar 25 06:50:46 PST 1998

Ulf wrote:
>I really think Estrill ought to get the Award of the Smoking Computer
>for that.  It was a nice survey of Current Middle Ages practice, and it
>is nice to see so many of the kingdoms and principalities put effort
>into designing arms that more closely match period practice (with a few
>exceptions).  Especially since many of those arms were designed before
>the College of Arms grew up as much as it has.

     Yes, many of the arms were quite simple and pleasant to look at. I 
had thought about including the blazons [blazons/emblazons, I always get 
it mixed up, the words is what I mean] with the post, but I felt that it 
was already rather long. There were certainly some arms that I 
personally considered too busy or ugly, but I'm willing to believe that 
some of them might look better in real life than scrunched up on the 
computer screen. If anyone wants the 25 blazons just e-mail me and I'll 
send them to you. And if you'd rather use the on-line armorial & 
ordinary to get them yourself, look up "crown" in the ordinary part of 
it. That will get you all the kingdoms & those principalities that have 

     dssweet at
     (hmmm, that was kinda fun....maybe I'll look at shires & baronies   

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