ANST - Frequency of Colors in K&P arms

Deborah and Robert Wade dwade at
Wed Mar 25 19:03:01 PST 1998

At 08:31 AM 3/25/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Daniel de Lincolia wrote:
>>Estrill, thanks for the survey of existing K&P arms!  (To
>>answer your final comment: I'm not particularly happy that
>>purpure and vert were both used much more frequently than in
>>period, even discounting the vert laurel wreaths.  Red is
>>also less common than in period in most places, as I
>>understand it.)
>     You're welcome. While I know you've said purpure was used very 
>little, I thought that with the 2.5% average of purpure in the K&P arms 
>that met the "very little" usage. You mean the percentage is actually 
>smaller than 2.5%? WoW.
>     Estrill
>If memory serves from working w/ Foster's Dictionary (Not the greatest
statistical source, mind you), there were less than 5 emblazons with either
a purple field or a purple charge group.  That woould be a usage of circa
0.25%.  Emblazons with vert were far more common -- 2.5% seems about right.

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