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Lord Manfred Wolf wrote:

        >> Buyers Beware!
        >> My lady sent fabric to Kristine at FoxFire Arts ...

        >> I post this here in hope of preventing someone else's loss.

My suggestion is that your wife write to the lady, detail the problems, and
ask for the remaining fabric back.  State that if the remainder cannot be
found (it is entirely possible Kristine had forgotten why she had it and
used the fabric for other things) then reimbursement or replacement is in

You may also wish to send a copy to the local Better Business Bureau.  It
is possible that other agencies could be interested.

Some people will say I am harsh for recommending portential legal action
against an SCA merchant, but I don't think so.  If they are representing
themselves as a business, they need to act as a business.  A few years ago
in the Midrealm, a fabric merchant semi-disappeared after taking much money
for special fabric orders.  People would report, "oh, I saw them at
such-and-so Event last weekend, if I had known...." but the telephone was
never answered, no messages were returned.  Among the orders unfilled was
some embroidered fabric for Coronation garb.  We finally had a friendly
attorney call, just asking to get a status on the orders, no hint of legal
action -- and you would be amazed how fast the matter resolved itself.  But
it was really sad that the merchant could not return other calls and the
matter had to be taken so far.

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