ANST - Auction for the benefit of Ricardo's Widow

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Thu Mar 26 08:46:01 PST 1998

Greetings Ansteorra,

As many of you may know, Sir Riccardo's death was preceded by a long 
and costly hospital stay. This has left Riccardo's lady wife, Mistress 
Aisilyn of Lion's Lair in some financial trouble. There is nothing 
that any of us can do to ease the pain of Aisilyn's loss, but there is 
something that we can do to help her out during a very difficult time. 
At Crown Tournament this weekend the Honorable Lady Gala will be 
holding a silent auction and sale of items to benefit Mistress 
Aisilyn.  Some of the items that will be auctioned include:
*2.5" by 3.5" piece of amber (large enough to have a laurel or pelican 
carved into it)
*several middle eastern swords of exceptionally fine value
*spurs hand crafted by Master Eldric
*Ali-titmans baronial coronet, crafted by Master Cynric
*2-volume set of books on effigies
*laurel medallion, crafted by Mistress Athena
*matching pair of amythest broaches
*ladies embroidered chiton embelleshed with amber, amthest, garnets, 
and large glass beads
* Sir Ricardo's helm
*Sir Ricardo's knighting clothes - eclesiastical fabric, hand 
embroidered by Mistress Aisilyn
*and many other items donated by friends

****also being auctioned is the infamous, the original, the one, the 
only  "Official Bjornsborg Nipple Inspector Badge"*******
In addition, there will be  items of clothing (mostly men's middle 
eastern) and other trinkets for sale.
Please come and bid on these fabulous items. Not only will you have 
the opportunity to purchase some wonderful items
that once belonged to one of this kingdom's greatest heroes, but you 
will also be helping out a noble lady in a time of
trouble and grief.

Thank you one and all,
Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon, Baroness of Bryn Gwlad
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