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You know, 

This seems to be a problem with "small specialty businesses" in general.  This
is a bit off topic, but I work in a retail clothing store.  And, we have
ordered some items from small, independent local designers/manufacturers.  You
would be shocked at how often even multi-thousand dollar orders are just
"blown off".  Or the quality of some of the things that get delivered.......
In one order, pale green dresses were shipped with black zippers, and hemmed
with hunter green thread.  Another one was baby blue nighties with red lace
trim. (The seamstress had ran out of the pale pink....) Or one had unfinished
seams, puckered/uneven hems, and really shoddy workmanship.  One several
thousand dollar order of pajamas, gowns, robes, etc... just never appeared.
And the designer/seamstress has now blocked our number.  

And, to play both sides fairly, sometimes things do happen in our lives that
prevent us from keeping our obligations.  If you are the sole
seamstress/designer for your business, and you have a ton of orders.  You are
S.O.L. if you need to work extra hours at your "outside job".  Or if you
become ill or some other outside thing lands in your lap.  (At the shop I work
at, the entire Summer swimwear order was cancelled because the
designer/seamstress had surgery)  So, that leaves the "business' no choice but
to either hire "outside" help, and hope for the best, or to just cancel the

Really, it boils down to this.  If you are going to be a business, you need to
act like a business.  It is not a whim, or a wild hair.  Other people are
depending on your seriousness as a business.  And, as we have seen here.....
If you screw one client, word gets around. And that is really bad for an
independent business.  

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