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Fri Mar 27 14:09:34 PST 1998

Alexandrian Company Symposium on Death and the Afterlife in the Middle Ages
Correction to the previous version of this announcement:
Due to conflicts, Mistress Clare will be unable to handle the class
corrdination.  If you wish to present a paper at the Alexandrian Company
Symposium on Death and the Afterlife, please contact Christie Ward (Mistress
Gunnora Hallakarva) <gunnora at> (512) 835-4161 (home) or (512) 984-5819

Many thanks!

Greetings All!

The Alexandrian Company is once again sponsoring a Symposium - this time the
subject will be on Death and the Afterlife in the Middle Ages to be held June
5-7 in the Shire of Brad Leah, Ansteorra (Wichita Falls, TX).

The Alexandrian Company is issuing a Call for Papers and Request for
Instructors for this Symposium.  If you would like to present a session, or
have an apprentice or student who would like to present, or know someone who
would be a good instructor, please contact a member of the Alexandrian Company
as soon as possible with your class proposal.  We need to get the course
schedule firmed up and to the sponsoring Shire as soon as possible for
publication in the Black Star.

Possible topics include:
 Funerary Art
 Cerements and Shrouds
 Medieval Conceptions of the Soul
 The Afterlife in the Culture of the (Celts/Vikings/Renaissance/etc)
 Ghosts, Haunts and Revenants
 Reincarnation in Medieval Belief
 and many, many others.

Some classes already scheduled include:
 The Walking Dead: The Norse Aptrgangr and Haugbui.
 The Seduction of Hell: Portrayal of the Underworld in Medieval and Renaissance
 Mourning Garb and Widow's Weeds
 Hell and Faerie -- the Celtic Otherworld
 Funerary Rites in 16th Century England
 Bad Ways to Die: Penalties in Law Codes of the Dark Ages

If you wish to present a paper at this Symposium, please contact:
 Christie Ward (Mistress Gunnora Hallakarva) <gunnora at> (512) 835-4161

If you have questions, you may also contact any of the other Alexandrian
Company members:
 Karen C. Moon (Mistress Mari ferch Rathtyen) c/o <cternus at> (512)
 Nancy  Wederstrandt  (Mistress Clare RosMuire St. John)
<nweders at>
 Grace Morris (Mistress Maddalena Jessamyn di Piemonte) <gm12 at>
 Catherine Campbell (Mistress Siobhan FitzLloyd) <mjccmc01 at>

What is the Alexandrian Company Symposium Series?
The Alexandrian Company sponsors high-level academic Symposia with an emphasis
on quality scholarship and quality teaching.  In keeping with the emphasis on
scholarship, costume is optional (and modern dress encouraged) during our
Symposia as most classes will be taught from a modern viewpoint.   There will
be a revel after the day of classes, and costume is required during the revel.

Is there a Website?  Where Can I Learn More?
The Alexandrian Company Website is located at

The information for the upcoming Symposium on Death and the Afterlife should be
ready and on-line by March 30th.

Information from our previous Symposium on Medieval Women is also available at
this website.

What is the Alexandrian Company?
The Alexandrian Company is a special interest group dedicated to the
sponsorship of serious scholarship within the Society for
Creative Anachronism. Our members have undertaken to advance the cause of
education and in-depth knowledge of the medieval
period in a variety of ways, including symposia and publications.

At the present time, the Alexandrian Society is a group of uppity Ansteorran
Laurels who decided that in the face of ever-increasing
priority within the Society towards combat and away from arts and especially
education to establish a group dedicated to the stated
purpose of the SCA, i.e., research and education. Although the Company is made
up of S.C.A. members, we are not an official
branch, guild, office, or organization affiliated with or beholden to the
S.C.A., Inc. and statements, publications, webpages,
newsletters, classes, and the like do not delineate nor necessarily conform to
S.C.A. rules, policies, or by-laws.
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