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On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Alice Harris <lg_photo at>
>      Cross my heart this happened to this who guy lives in
>      Westchester, NY, and goes to school at Ithaca
>      College.

[snipped -- guy has clothing accident, buys clothes in a
hurry, takes off old pants and underwear in a train restroom
and tosses them out the window, discovers that the
salesclerk didn't include pants in the bag.]

"This happened": there is no evidence of that.  This is one
of the classic urban legends.  Brunvand, to judge by his
index in _The Baby Train_, hasn't covered it, but I've seen
it discussed on alt.folklore.urban.  There are lots of other
accidental nudity stories that Brunvand does cover:

- passenger in a stopped RV gets out naked / semi-naked,
  driver drives off
- The Nude Bachelor: stranded in apartment's hallway when he
  goes for newspaper
- The Nude Housewife: caught naked and wearing football
  helmet by meter reader or plumber ("I don't know what team
  you're on, but I hope they win")
- The Nude Surprise Party: surprisers surprised by nude man
  or couple
  - Variant: The Fart in the Dark: blindfolded person thinks
    he or she's alone

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