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Sun Mar 29 08:05:23 PST 1998

Greetings everyone!

LOCH GUARDIAN IS NOW CLOSER THAN EVER!  The site is an hour north of our
fair lands to accomodate those of you willing to visit us and enjoy our


April 3,4 & 5

        It is the year 1396 and the Christian armies have just suffered
a terrible loss at the hands of the Turks at the Battle of Nicopolis. 
The Hundred Years War has raged for over two generations resulting in
the devastation of much of France.  Within this generation, the peasants
have revolted in England under the perfidious hand of Wat Tyler.  During
these turbulent times cannot Champions be found to protect the rich
lands of Loch Soillier?
        Chivalric and Rapier Tournaments have been proclaimed to entice
all fighters of renown to show their prowess upon the field of honor. 
FABULOUS PRIZES of complete sets of feast gear and more shall reward the
victorious.  A SPECIAL PRIZE of stained glass will go to the fighters ON
EACH FIELD who are the most complete in their appearance upon the field.
        Artisans and Bards as well shall be RICHLY REWARDED for their
performances during the day.  There shall also be PRIZES for those who
set up their households in a most inviting manner.  For those who have
spent many an hour on your heraldic banners, let this be your
opportunity to dislay your arms.
        Activities will be arranged both to entertain and educate the
younger members of our society who make the journey to our fair lands.
        The Loch will be hosting a FABOULOUS FEAST for those who attend
featuring a breaded snitzel (taste tested and approved).  Cost will be
$5.00 adults/$3.00 children<12, children under 4 free.  Feast will be
limited to 125, please call for  reservations. 
        The location for our event lies north of our lands in a rich
forest 18 miles NORTHEAST of Houston in New Caney at the beautiful Lake
Houston State Park.  The campsite has centrally located water and
dishwashing areas (with sinks), privies, grills, firepits and picnic
tables.  Hot and cold showers are also available.  The site opens at
3:00pm Friday, April 3rd and closes 3:00pm Sunday, April 5th.  Site fee
is $5.00 adults/$3.00 children<12, children under 4 free. 
        Directions-  The site is 18 miles NORTH OF HOUSTON.  Take I-59N
to the New
Caney Exit (FM 1485).  Travel East 2 miles to Baptist Encampment Road.
Turn right and go south for 1.5 miles to park entrance. 
        For event information and reservations contact:

Sir Alexis LaBouche              Lord Aaron Von Donovan
(Dave Wise)                     (Norm Stuart)
(281) 482-3294                  (281) 280-9931
drwise at
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