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Don't be too quick to put all these stories down as "myths."  My mom
lived in a rural area.  One day, as she was about to get in the shower to
get ready to go to church, she decided to set some trash in the garage. 
The door closed and locked behind her.  She found an old sheet in the
garage, then went out to the road to flag down a passing motorist  while
wearing her makeshift "toga."  He helped her break in to the house, and
by the time she got to church everyone there already knew the story!


On Sat, 28 Mar 1998 19:34:52 -0600 (CST) Tim McDaniel <tmcd at>
>On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Alice Harris <lg_photo at>
>>      Cross my heart this happened to this who guy lives in
>>      Westchester, NY, and goes to school at Ithaca
>>      College.
>[snipped -- guy has clothing accident, buys clothes in a
>hurry, takes off old pants and underwear in a train restroom
>and tosses them out the window, discovers that the
>salesclerk didn't include pants in the bag.]
>"This happened": there is no evidence of that.  This is one
>of the classic urban legends.  Brunvand, to judge by his
>index in _The Baby Train_, hasn't covered it, but I've seen
>it discussed on alt.folklore.urban.  There are lots of other
>accidental nudity stories that Brunvand does cover:
>- passenger in a stopped RV gets out naked / semi-naked,
>  driver drives off
>- The Nude Bachelor: stranded in apartment's hallway when he
>  goes for newspaper
>- The Nude Housewife: caught naked and wearing football
>  helmet by meter reader or plumber ("I don't know what team
>  you're on, but I hope they win")
>- The Nude Surprise Party: surprisers surprised by nude man
>  or couple
>  - Variant: The Fart in the Dark: blindfolded person thinks
>    he or she's alone
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