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Mon Mar 30 11:05:47 PST 1998

I posted this both here and to the Rialto, so my apologies to those who
read both for the excess bandwidth

Several of my friends and myself have recently formed a student
organization at our university with the goal of fostering interest in, for
lack of a better term, pre-industrial times.  The group is not focussed on
any organization and has members from several (ie. SCA, Amtgard, as well
as general interest folks).

As something which our group might sponsor to raise interest I proposed an
SCA demo.  This idea was very well recieved, but in truth I know nothing
of hosting such a demo, and there are issues WRT insurance in case of
injury to participants (the event would be most likely to be held

Anyone who has participated in such a demo, and especially those who
helped to plan one, I would appreciate any useful information which might
help me.

I am also particularly interested in references to any demos _ever_ held
on a UT campus.

My thanks,

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