ANST - Southern Principality Proposals at Tempio

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Mon Mar 30 23:21:16 PST 1998

Okay, folks... this is your last e-mail reminder!  At Hero of the Temple
between two and four in the afternoon on Saturday and again on Sunday
morning we will be having a public forum as we hear the proposals for
Principalities in our area.  I didn't get the letters out in time so I'll be
calling all the groups in question to get their crier system working- if you
have friends in any of the groups please call them and let them know what's
going on.  If you have *anything* to say on the issue, come to the event and
be heard!  Groups that should *definitely* have some kind of representation
there are:

Ffynnon Gath
Bryn Gwylad
Tempio (duh)
Emerald Keep*

*= these groups are not now in the southern region but as they border it and
the kingdom zip zoning is being reshuffled a bit, it would be good for them
to be informed of what we're discussing in case they wish to be a part of

Definite items on the agenda:

What are the proposals?
What is required by sca laws and what are the processes, responsibilities,
and paperwork shuffles involved?
Is there a genuine popular interest in this project?
What groups are interested?
How do we conduct and accurate poll to verify interest?

Possible additional items on the agenda:


The moderator is Don Tivar Moondragon.  The alternate moderator is Sir Kief.


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