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>Santa- What would you like for Christmas little
>Child-  I'd like a sword and dagger.
>Santa-  That could be a bit dangerous.
>Child-  That's ok my brother is going to ask for
>full plate and a helm.  That way he won't get hurt
>when I hit him.
>Santa- Are you often hungry? What is he going to
>do with the ham.
>Child- Your not getting this are you?
>Santa- I'll try.
>Child leaves.
>Santa to elf- It's  so sad to see such greedy
>kids,  His family doesn't have enough to eat and
>his brother is going to ask for food but he wants
>Santa to next child- What do you want for
>Chill2- A suit of armor so when my brother hits me
>it won't hurt.
>Santa -Oh dear.
>The above is not factual but based on 4 years as a
>Santa helper it could happen.
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