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Mon Dec 6 11:09:58 PST 1999

I had to send you this; it is so nice!

"I was on the Rialto last night and saw this message.
I thought that
I would send it here to further spread the word-fame
of this
Perhaps reading this will help relight the fires of
service in those of
who have become so disillusioned by the politics and
self-serving that
SCA often seems so mired in.
  Stefan li Rous
  stefan at

Let's each name one person who has been an
inspiration, a help, a joy,
symbol of the SCA at its finest.  We won't agree, but
that's fine.  

I'd be hard pressed to pick a top five, or a top ten,
or even a top
fifty.  There's just too many good people.

I have no trouble at all, however, naming a top one. 
He's been an
essential part of the dream, and the research, and the
teaching, and
hard work, for over 24 years.

Tivar Moondragon came in, looked around, and started
working.  He has
never stopped.  He saw something he thought the SCA
needed, and worked
to make it happen -- not by complaining and whining,
but by teaching,
and training, and convincing people that fencing added
worthwhile, and by contributing in other areas as
well.  He became a
marshal, not because he was particularly interested in
rattan combat,
but because marshals were needed.

When he started, he couldn't drive, and was dependent
on others for
transportation -- so he determined to be the best
navigator in the
kingdom, and carried all local and state maps for the
kingdom.  I've
seen him start setting up tents when he arrived at
8:00, keep at it as
others arrived on site to help, and realize at 1:30
that his own tent
was not yet up.

He serves at the feast about one feast in three, and
always has.  

Tivar believes -- he believes in the dream, he
believes in the study,
believes in the work.  He has what Heinlein called "a
touch of the
divine madness."

He can do the research without getting upset at the
fantasy, and he can
do the work without getting upset at the party folk.

Remember when D'Artagnan was stabbed at the end of the
DiCaprio *Man in
the Iron Mask*?  His lieutenent said of him, "All I
ever wanted to be
was him."  That's Tivar.

Thanks, Tivar.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

"Better a good run than a bad stand."
James Keelaghan
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