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Wed Dec 1 14:10:24 PST 1999

Dear Parent (or Future Parent or Friend),

You were selected to receive this message because you previously expressed an interest in parenting and/or children's health issues.

I'm writing to you about, a truly outrageous website offering free online pediatric advice to anyone on the net with a desire to learn more about their children's health and wellness.  We have board-certified pediatricians answering parent's questions on topics as diverse as bedwetting, a.d.d., diaper rash treatments to the latest on growth hormones.  We have an awesome library of pediatric topics, product recalls, and childhood diseases.

We also host some wonderful forums where you can ask questions directly to our pediatricians, or share your experiences with other parents on an unlimited variety of parenting and health issues.

We'd like to invite you to come to and see for yourself how unique it is, and how it might help you and your family cope with the increasing demand for health information.

If you have the time, please go to, and explore.  If you could take a brief moment to complete our survey, it will help us improve our services.

Thank you for your kind attention,

the web team at

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