ANST - Heraldic Volunteers for Gulf Wars IX (March, 2000)

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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 13:29:39 -0500
From: "Charles D. Burgess" <Ordragoun at>
Subject: Heraldic Volunteers for Gulf Wars IX (March, 2000)

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Goode Gentles,

I have the honor of being Deputy War Herald for the upcoming Gulf Wars.

As such, my primary duty is for the activities which will be conducted =
at :Herald's Point".  These will include classes, consulting, =
submissions, and "Rent-A-Herald".  We will also be headquartering the =
announcement site and route hearldry out of the Point.  And there are =
several other activities which we want to include this year, including a =
heraldic walking tour of the site and the soon to be traditional Knowne =
World Heralds Gulf War Social.

So...I am looking for volunteers, anyone interested in helping out from =
wanting to take on the awesome cosmic responsibilities of a shift =
leader, looking for a minimum of four (basically chief deputies), to =
people who want to learn more about heraldry and spend time helping =
others, to those willing to teach classes from basic tinctures to =
advanced naming practises.... And from willing to help for the entire =
war, with at least one day off, to willing to aid for a few hours.

If you wish to volunteer, please reply directly to me via E-mail ASAP.  =
Please also feel free to distribute this message outside of Meridies, as =
I would like to invite and have participation from all kingdoms which =
are represented at the War this year.

If you have any questions, lease e-mail me or call me.

In Service,

Carlwyn George Ordragoun of Canterbury
mka Charles Burgess
Ordragoun at
Home phone: (770) 739-6311

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