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Fri Dec 3 13:34:46 PST 1999

Let it be known to the Barony of Bjornsborg and their Friends...

The populace will gather on the evening of December the fourth in this
the year of A.S. thirty-four, for our Annual Yule Revel.

Our Baron and Baroness invite all to a celebration of the coming Yule
and have requested the Culinary Guild to prepare a vast holiday feast.
After much gnashing of teeth, and not a few battles with blunted
weapons, the guild has settled upon the following:

Fowl prepared in the Norse tradition
Soup with Leeks
Lethal Grog

Venison Stew
Manchet Bread
Spiced Burgundy

Smoked Suckling Pig and Beef Brisket
Parsnip Pie
Spiced Cider

The Baron and Baroness further challenge the populace to provide
unusual, yet tasty, additions to the after dinner sideboard.  There will
surely be word fame for the finest dish to emerge.
The feast will begin at six p.m. according to the clock of our society.

Their Excellencies will also hold the first land court of their reign
and pray for your attendance.  Radegund, the new land steward, would be
glad to take
your money.  Do you owe taxes???

There will also be a practice rapier tourney sponsored by HL Isobel, to
begin at 3:30 on Saturday.  All those who wield rapier blades are
invited to participate, and the populace is encouraged to bring largesse
to reward those who exhibit honor, skill and panache upon the field.

Yule Revel will be held at Buescher State Park, a scenic area just north
of Smithville in Bastrop County.  Site opens at 2:00 on Saturday, and
closes at noon on Sunday.  There is an admission fee that will be
collected by park rangers when you enter the site.  In addition, there
will be a $3 feast fee for everyone over the age of eight.

Facilities: Facilities include restrooms with and without showers;
campsites with water; campsites with water and electricity; screened
shelters; picnic sites; 7.5 miles of hiking trails; a dump station; a
playground and group picnic pavilion (for day use only, capacity 75)
with a fireplace, picnic tables, and a restroom with showers in the
area. A recreational hall (for day and night use - capacity 150) with a
full kitchen, heat, air-conditioning, fans, a patio, a fireplace, and a
restroom.  Limited crash space is available in the hall.

Directions from San Antonio:
1.  Take Interstate 10 towards Houston for approximately 68.6 miles.
Take exit 649 and head north on SR-97.  Travel about 1.7 miles and turn
north onto FM Rd 1115.  Travel another 11 miles and turn left onto
SR-95.  Continue for about 14 miles where you will enter the town of
Smithville.  The park is located 2 miles northwest of Smithville on
State Highway 71 to FM 153, then north on 153 for .5 mile to enter Park
Road 1.  Total driving time is about 2 1/2 hours.

2.  (obtained from Lycos.  Double check on map, but seems very direct).
Take I-35 to San Marcos, and exit at HWY 21.  Follow 21 to 71.  Then
follow as above.

3. (Another version by Mari) You go up to San Marcos, get off at the
exit to Lockhart and take a right, then you hit 183 and go north. Check
out a map, since I don't recall the names of all the roads, but it only
takes about an hour and a half, at most, and is a pretty drive, to boot.

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