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Mon Dec 6 15:38:14 PST 1999

Mark.S Harris (rsve60 at said something that sounded like:
> I was on the Rialto last night and saw this message. I thought that
> I would send it here to further spread the word-fame of this individual.
> Perhaps reading this will help relight the fires of service in those of us 
> who have become so disillusioned by the politics and self-serving that the 
> SCA often seems so mired in.

There is a post you forgot to include for this Kingdom:

>From kate at (Kate Wrightson)

Mine are people who share their knowledge selflessly with people they'll
never know, and they all happen to be Rialto folk. I'm thinking
specifically of you, Nicolaa, and of Cariadoc, Arval, Tibor, and Stefan li
Rous. Whether it's through copious and graceful posts, or through the
massive archives maintained on the Web, I know that I'll find a good and
true answer to just about any question if it's got one of those five names
on it.


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