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Einarr Thorbjarnarsson einarr_t at
Mon Dec 6 23:46:00 PST 1999

It's good to see us recognizing the accomplishments of others, and not 
miring down in some petty bickering. (I appologize for not using proper 
titles, as I am ignorant of exactly what these good people hold).   I do not 
know Tivar, but he sounds like a good man to know.  I seem to recall that 
Robin of Gilwell served as the Guardian of Dragonsfire Tor, (Wasn't it light 
and heavy weapons, as well as bardic, that year?) and led our fighters in 
Gulf War.  And Mara of Rede herself has always been an inspiration with her 
bardic skills and her enthusiasm for this game we all love.  Both her and 
William Palfrey are working as feastocrats for this year's Dragonsfire Tor 
Yule revel.  Vivats to both of them for their work.  William has always 
impressed me with his energy and good spirits.

Einarr Thorbjarnarson.

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