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Tue Dec 7 07:54:58 PST 1999

>Pug Bainter (pug at said something that sounded like:
>As well, I hope Mistress Gunnora will include her post.

I'll do so, but it does require a smidge of explanation.  The realto thread
started with some bonehead asking people to list the "five most evil people
in the SCA".  I am quite pleased to report that the "most inspiring" thread
took over almost immediately.  My post was a direct reply to the fellow who
asked for "most evil":


> André  bairdsheri at wrote:
> My mother and I were talking recently about who were the
> five most evil people that have ever been in the SCA...
There are no evil people in the SCA.  Every one who joins this
organization came here because something of it appealed to them, made them dream
a little, made them long to be more than they were.  That they are human, and
fail to live up to their own expectations or to ours is not evil, but simply
a sign of being human.
Some people will touch lives in a good way.  Some will not.  But no one considers
themselves a villian.
Of course, there *is* the fact that Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon,
Mistress Mari ferch Rathyen, and myself are considered by some to be the Triumvirate
of Evil, or sometimes known as the three most evil women in Ansteorra.  ;-)
 You'd have to ask around to see who thinks that we are the next coming of the
Beast vs those who think we're cool people.
There are plenty of people in the SCA that I disagree with.  Sometimes vehemently.
 I have a strong personality and I am quite outspoken.  I don't believe in letting
a problem lie when a little confrontation will clear it up.  That's enough to
have some people think I am the Antichrist.  Am I evil?  There are some who
probably think so.  There are others who think I'm a miracle worker.  It evens
The trick in all cases is that if you will approach it in a business- like manner,
you can deal with anyone, no matter how unpleasant, misguided, pig-headed, etc.
 They are not evil, they just don't see things your way or act the way you want
them to act.
If you considered posting to this thread and naming "evil people" have you taken
the time to go and speak to the person in question and ask them to stop doing
whatever it is that pisses you off?  It's really amazing how many times people
in the SCA will decry so-and-so as being "evil" when they have never even tried
talking to the person or asking them to behave better.  Most people don't really
want to walk around with people disliking them or even hating them, and sometimes
they're not aware that people are upset about bad behavior.  It is my firm opinion,
however, that if you complain about someone and haven't bothered to complain
to the malefactor themselves first, then you are worse than they are.  In that
case, the word is not "evil", its "hypocrite".
Gunnora Hallakarva, OL
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