ANST - trim merchant

gptaylor gtaylor at
Wed Dec 8 14:17:10 PST 1999

One of the trim merchants that we see all the time up at Steppes also
has a web site...but I can't find the bookmark!   If this is the same
person...does he have a site?

Ooo...when looking around the net this AM, I found this site from a trim
person on Calontir...


Rhonda New wrote:

> Yes, Yes!  That's him!  er, YOU!
> Thank you, Lord Edrei, and may you live
> long and well and prosperous.
> "All the Trimmings"  ( Trim Merchant)
> Ld Edrei the Quiet (Dave Backlin)
> Shire of Smythkepe
> Kingdom of Meridies
> edrei at
> In service to Christ and Crown,
> //Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood
> Elfsea
> PotterKD at wrote:
>> Greetings and sorry for the bandwidth!
>> Could someone please e-mail me privately regarding the site or
>> e-mail address
>> of the trim merchant that travel here in Ansteorra.  Thanks.
>> HRH Kayleigh
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