ANST - Why thanking people counts...

Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at
Wed Dec 8 19:13:48 PST 1999

Being a semi-permanent (just making my first meeting
this month) newbie, I was pleased to see people
getting public praise.  However, Sometimes it is just
nice to thank people without prompt.  It reminds me of
a story...

I served a year on the StuCo/Class Officer board my
sophomore year as class treasurer.  This was an actual
class.  Abotu three days in we were told a young man
would be joining us on a probationary basis.  This
young man was quite infamous, so we gave him a week. 
Well, he came in, looked around, and worked harder
that year then most of my fellow class officers.  By
December, the school had a red cross Youth Core,
thanks to thsi boy.  At the end of the year, on class
trip, he and I were the only ones up on the drive home
and were talking.  I told him how proud of him I was. 
He got quite and said, "You know, no one ever tells me
that."  To this day, we are still close, and he is
still wonderful.

The moral of the story (which would be more
SCA-involved if I had the time to be) is that you
should always publicly appreciate people.  You may be
the one voice in the wind, but they will remember it

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