ANST - A New White Scarf!

Lisa A. May maaggie at
Sun Dec 12 13:18:05 PST 1999

	As much as I regretted missing Her Royal Highness Kayleigh's tea this
weekend, I found it necessary to head to the other end of our fair kingdom
to attend an ambush.  Her Royal Majesty found it fit to elevate Lord
Alexander Peregrine to the rank and estate of Companion to the Order of the
White Scarf of Ansteorra!!  Both Her Majesty and Don Alexander's friends are
quite pleased to have been able to keep the secret from him for these past
several weeks, and we apologize to Her Highness for our absence from her tea
(knowing full well that she quite understands!!).

Countess Margaret ny Connor
Barony of Steppes
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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