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> Greetings,
>     I regret that I have sad tidings to share, Lord Abu (Frank Drake) from
> the Shire of Narrental (Peru, IN) passed away some time Thursday.  He
> had a heart attack in his sleep.  Showing is today and the funeral is
> Sunday.  I don't have the details as to where.
>     I'm just in shock.  I had the pleasure of camping with Abu the last two
> Pennsics.  He was one of those people that were just larger than life.
>     For those that didn't know Abu, you may still have been touched by
> him.  He prepared the feast for the Midrealm 30 year, and for several
> Clown Tourney's before that.  Fighters at war should recognize the black
> van with marshal's swords that when not an observation post was used to
> haul the ceramics Abu merchanted.  Or if you ever thought you saw Moses
> walking around an SCA event, that was Abu.
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