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Sat Dec 18 08:06:40 PST 1999

Greetings unto the Ansteorran list from Mistress Edwina,

 I'm sending you information about the Middle Eastern classes, camping in the 
Middle Eastern Encampment and stuff.  I don't have a contact in Trimaris, so 
if someone could post this to the any Trimarian list, please do so.  

We will have dance, drum and lecture type classes.  But we need instructors 
in all categories!!  Tell us what days you are available.  Volunteers can 
contact:  Chaya-vati Palkar (Tshaya)
Lisa McKinney
987-A Alloway PL  SE
Atlanta GA  30316
twonomads at

Or me Mistress Edwina Dirks Sterne
Sue Moon
1417 N. Rust Rd.
Grain Valley MO  64029
swallis614 at

Ansteorran contact
Kate Cofrin
16018 Constitution
Friendswood TX 77058
281/648-7885 not after 10 pm
katyacat at

Camp coordinators:

Me and
Daniel of Raven's Nest
Dani Eder
1371 Wilhite Road
Falkville  AL  35622
ederd at

Every night is party night -- drummers and dancers welcomed!  We supply the 
tent and gathering area, you bring refreshments, drums, friends, etc.   
Friday night is the dance/music competition.  Categories are beginner, 
intermediate, advanced and professional level solo dance, troupe, children, 
and music divided between drum and non-drum instruments.  It will start after 
whatever court(s) are that night -- hopefully by 8 PM.  Time limits are 5 
minutes for solos, 10 minutes for troupes.  We will start with beginners and 
children and work through each category  with judging in between.  This way 
the prize scrolls can be given right there.  And everyone entering or playing 
gets a scroll.  Times and details could change on site.  Pray it does not 
rain like last year!

Anyone camping in the Middle Eastern Encampment will need to contact me or 
Daniel of Raven's Nest to give us their tent dimensions so we can have an 
organized camp.  We picked "Middle Eastern" as the group camp name (the 
obvious choice) to put that on the preregistration forms.  We need people's 
names, tent size, arrival date, and preferences on where they want to be 
(near certain other people, close Or far from the class tents, etc.)  We will 
need volunteers to help police the party area each night and be around in 
case there are questions or problems.  One person cannot do it alone.  And 
you need to be aware we will have parties every night, although I camped next 
to the dance tent and had no problem sleeping but I was usually pretty tired 

Lastly, I live in another kingdom now and this is more difficult to do than 
before for many reasons.  So next year, someone else will have to be in 
charge of all this.  So think about it and hopefully, someone will volunteer 
to do this next year!  Yeah, that's the ticket!  Edwina
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