ANST - New Arrival

K.C. Moon kmoon at
Wed Dec 29 11:00:36 PST 1999

Holiday Greetings to all!

Let it be known throughout the land that HL Beatrice d'Angouleme, lady wife
of Don Etienne de Montague, has been delivered of a healthy son, whom the
father has named Clark Gareth.  The child  was delivered Friday, December
18 at 4:36 PM via Caesarian, weighs 6 lbs, 13 oz and is 18 inches long.
Despite the boy's early arrival, both mother and child are doing well.  The
father, on the other hand, confesses to having become a blithering,
besotted idiot at first sight of his first born. 

I am pleased to wish them good health, good fortune and a happy and
prosperous new life with their child.

Mari ferch Rathyen

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