ANST - Moving to NorthKeep

Xenos The Butcher xenos at
Mon Dec 4 22:09:48 PST 2000

Greetings From AnTir. -

My name is Lord Xenos the Butcher and I will be moving to Okmulgee for
school this January.  I would like information on the local SCA cause I
don't want to leave my habit behind.  Please send mail to
xenos at so not to clutter up the list.

Lordy, Lordy Xenos the Butcher, AoA(x2), MC, GB, WOAW
AnTir Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon - Apprentice Program
Chronicler for the AnTir Armourers Guild
AnTir 7th Cavalry Muleskinner
Proteged to Dame Rowan O'Callihan, OP, MC, WOAW
Owner, Crazed Camel Enterprises - Custom Leatherwork

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