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Suzanne Powell suzanne_powell at
Tue Dec 5 15:25:46 PST 2000


Just a reminder -- the competition for Artisan of the Stargate will be held at
Stargate's Yule celebration this coming Saturday (at St. Thomas Aquinas
Catholic Church).

This competition will be a "body of work" comprised of pieces created in the
past seven years.  One piece should be selected for commentary.  The piece
selected for commentary must have documentation.  It is highly recommended that
the rest of your body of work also have documentation as this will be the
deciding factor in case of a tie.

Please contact me at suzanne_powell at to reserve a table for your


 9am - 11am     Set up entries
11am -  2pm     Judging
 2pm -  3pm     Pick up entries

Come and show Ansteorra the best work of her Artisans!  We'll look forward to
seeing you this Saturday!

In service,

Lady Suzanne de la Ferté

Suzanne de la Ferté  Stargate/Westgate  Kingdom of Ansteorra
Suzanne C. Powell     Houston, Texas 
suzanne_powell at

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