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Sun Dec 10 11:05:28 PST 2000

Lots of good awards were given.  Some of the ones I remember
are Barn receiving a Sable Falcon (Timo passed his on,
fufilling a promise he'd made years ago), Walter Robin got a
Queen's rapier, coming in just as HRM Allyson was talking
about him, and Puck finally got his Thistle in Period
Spanish Rapier which was read at Namron Protectorate.


On Sun, 10 Dec 2000 12:48:19 -0600
 cchipman at (Carl Chipman) wrote:
> So what happened? What awards were given? Who won the
> best table
> decorations?  huh huh huh huh?
> Those of us who had office parties (and got lucky enough
> to win a DVD player
> woohoo) wanna know
> Jean Paul de Sens
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