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> > unfortunately, what with a totally blown plumbing system 
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> I thought they had pills for that now...?

nahh .. that system is still in perfect working order (good diet and
lots of green tea ...)

for the mechanical one, still have do it the old way - crawling under
the house dragging tools, torch, pipe, and fittings with you - while
fending off the hound that wants to "help" ... currently waiting for
the swamp to dry a bit before getting back on the project.

leave it to a celtic type to improve on a roman design (one they
initially snagged from somewhere else ..) - ie, copper & bronze sure
beats lead hnads down for such things. 

on similar note .. anyone in the austin area need a one piece
fiberglass tub-shower combo unit still in good shape ???? (extra,
will seel cheap ... decided to go with a dedicated shower only unit)

.. disgruntled ex-nomad with paid-off house 

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