ANST - [EstrellaWar] Estrella 17 Children's Center Wall

Morgan Cain morgancain at
Tue Dec 5 12:32:50 PST 2000

>>> ....ask anyone who can make a commitment of procuring
>>> 10 foot long by 35 inch high light weight material,
>>> such as muslin, and decorate it in any way that is
>>> pleasing to the group, to be donated to my office
>>> before January 15, 2001.

I know that not many Ansteorrans will be going, although I was one who went last year, but I have lots of muslin and would be willing to have something available for painting etc. at Steppes 12th Night, if Their Majesties, Their Highnesses (given when Coronation happens), and Countess Anora have no objection.

For those who have not thought about going to Estrella, you should seriously consider it.  The weather may be a bit chillier at night than Gulf Wars, but it has been quite a bit drier.  The fighting is fun, the partying is unparalleled (including the Colours Party and Sumo Wrestling, and more drunning than you have heard before -- it is Rolling Thunder territory, after all), and you're in some beautiful landscape.

                         ---= Morgan

"If liberty and equality, as is thought
 by some, are chiefly to be found in
 democracy, they will be best attained
 when all persons alike share in
 government to the utmost."  (Aristotle) 


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