ANST - Starting Lucet Cord

Leofric Ealdricson lealdricson at
Tue Dec 12 02:26:48 PST 2000

These directions assume that you are right handed.

Take the lucet loom in your left hand.  Thread the free end of the cord 
through from the front of the loom.  Hold the free end of the cord tight 
with your left hand.  Using the right hand pass the cord around the right 
side and behind the right hand loom leg, then around to the front going 
between the loom legs.  Go around the left side and pass behind the left 
leg.  Bring the cord back around to the front passing between the loom legs 
and over around the right side.  You are now ready to start the weaving.

Hope this helps.


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>Subject: ANST - Starting Lucet Cord
>Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 18:46:11 -0800 (PST)
>Greetings, All,
>Can anyone out there explain in small words how to
>start Lucet cord?  I have a harp and two spools of
>crochet thread, but don't remember how to start the
>Thank you.
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