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Thank you for your  advice.

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> If you have access to a ceramic shop, you can use what's called an
> underglaze, which is a coloring that goes in under a clear glaze.  They
> even make a red underglaze that is now food safe.  There are several other
> colors available as well, but the underglaze is easier to control for
> precise shaping.  An average set of dishes (large plate, small plate, and
> bowl) will run about 20.00 after buying and having fired twice.  The first
> is after cleaning and underglaze are applied, and the second is for the
> clear or colored (not red) glazes.  Red glazes usually take a lower
> temperature firing.  The reason most red glazes are not food safe, is they
> are more prone to the spider web cracking and can crack off in food.
> Brendan
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> 	Greetings 
> 		In preparation for 12th night I would like to have dinner
> settings that display my heraldry.   Is there a way to apply this to a
> place setting pieces that will 1. stay and 2. not be possibly harmful to
> eat off of.
> 	In service to the dream
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