ANST - Yule Revel thanks

Carolyn Smith Pennington mara_of_rede at
Sun Dec 17 06:46:06 PST 2000

As I have said before, there is a great risk in
doing this: There is always the danger someone
will be forgotten. I choose to risk that,in order
that the good gentles who helped me with the
feast might know how much their help was
appreciated. If your name is not on this list, I
These folk came to my house and helped cook prior
to the feast:
Countess Regina(who also donated roughly eight
tons of herbs!), Baroness Stella, Lady Ameline,
Lady Gwenllian, and of course, Lord William.

These gentles helped out on site(and there may
besome of these I missed!):
Lady Cassandra, Lord Caelin, Uriah, Gillian,
Cynan, Lady Pyro, Chris, Ron, Lady Maria, Lady
Caitlin's sister (sorry, I forget her name, and
it was her first event!), all the servers
(especially the young man in the white tunic,
also his first event!). Lady Gwenllian, who was
in there too, was my rock.

To Lord William Palfrey, my chief cook, my
gratitude is endless. He was coerced into doing
this again this year, much against his greater
judgement! As always, he did a superb job. To
Lady Cassandra, his wonderful wife, thanks so
much for your support. William and I could not
have done this without you! And thanks for all
the onions sliced, diced, peeled and chopped, the
last two years!

To my family, Eadric, Rosemary, Ashleigh,thanks
for your patience and support two years in a row,
two weeks before Christmas and right in the
middle of your birthdays!

To Guyon and Angus, thank you for giving me free
rein. I was able to do the feast that I
r*e*a*l*l*y* wanted to do. Sorry for the
misunderstanding. (Someone please pass this on to
Angus; he is not email enabled.)

To Lord Thomas and Lady Angelique(also not email
enabled)and everyone else in the van on the way
back from Gulf War in 1999,(you know who you
are!)who encouraged me do it, my eternal thanks.
This has been more fun than I could ever have

I will not be doing it next year. I need a break!
Maybe the year after.... :D

I remain in service,

HL Mara of Rede
Barony of Elfsea,Kingdom of Ansteorra

"Better a good run than a bad stand."
                       James Keelaghan

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