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Fri Dec 15 08:52:17 PST 2000

My greetings unto all!

I wish to express my thanks to all who worked so hard to make Stargate's
Yule Revel a success. It takes so many dedicated people to work together so
that all may enjoy themselves and live the Dream.

Many were there Friday evening to help set-up: Pippa, Caitlin, Gerald,
Tyger, Geoffrey, Temair and her son and her husband Kerry, Perronnelle,
Godwin and Lissa, Suzanne, Angus, Othar, Laurie Ann and husband Iain and
daughter Heather. Leofric and Mairi brought the Loch's tables up for us.
Ihon and Isabeau brought over their beautiful candle screen. Special thanks
goes to Suzanne for volunteering and putting together a nicely decorated
hall at the last minute. Thanks, Godwin and Lissa for the beautiful
greenery. And most splendid of all were the new banners for Stargate of all
the Baron's and Baroness' devices which graced the hall done by Suannoch and

Thanks to all who helped in many ways:  Temair and her crew who took care of
the Gate all day, Iain, the event steward and his lady, Laurie Ann, Wulf,
all the wonderful merchants who came, the A & S judges, the artisans,
Suzanne our previous A & S champion and Julianna our new champion, the
Bardic judges, the bards, Elaine, our previous Bardic champion and Kat our
new champion, the children, Vasilisa who coordinated children's activities,
Othar and all the kitchen crew (I can remember Geoffrey, Gerald, Drake,
Griffin, Morgianna, Vaclav, Devnet, but I'm sure there were more!), the
servers, their Royal Highnesses Jason and Saereid and their entourage,
Godwin and Lissa, all who brought toys, those who did the TRF raffle,
Perronnelle who did the silent auction, the heralds, the winners of the
table decorating contest and the costume contests and the judges, Thomas who
made the Championship prize chests, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, the
newcomers, and all who stayed afterwards to help us clean up-and there were
a bunch (some delegated to do so Wulf, Ambrose and the household but there
were many who stayed and helped out of the kindness of their hearts)-Godwin,
Lissa, Perronnelle, Francois, Maureen, Malachi, Seren, Bowen, Bobby, Nicole,
Hillary, people from Gate's Edge and Raven's Fort, Pippa, William......

I know that I've missed mentioning someone-please forgive me. To all who
came-my thanks. It was a wonderful day to be together, to talk and eat, to
dance and listen to bards, to enjoy a wonderful feast (no one went away
hungry!) and to experience the joy of watching deserving people get awards.
A day truly as it should have been......

Happy Yule! Happy Millenium!

Signy Gandalvsdottir
Seneschal, Barony of the Stargate

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