ANST - warping

Suzanne Cooke scooke at
Tue May 2 19:30:54 PDT 2000

answered privately  -Tamlin

> rlportwood wrote:
> I have a rigid heddle loom that I would really like to start
> using but I have no clue how to warp it.  I have checked the
> internet for hours upon hours and have found nothing.  I have
> checked out every weaving book there is at the public library
> in Lubbock and have found virtually nothing.
> I need not only written instructions, but especially visual
> ones, if possible.  I have been teaching a weaving unit to my
> students (K-4) on chipboard looms (the ol' under/over routine)
> and would really like to show them how to use the rigid heddle
> loom.
> I would really appreciate any instructions someone could give
> me.
> A great big thank you!
> Ascelyn
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