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Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at
Tue May 2 22:42:34 PDT 2000

Foailtighearna wrote:
> I am currently doing research on Mongols as a whole.  I was hoping that
> kind soul might have some better information about them than I could find.
> (mainly on period names {I could only find bits and pieces} and possible
> dress {If any aside from Caftan})

What a coincidence.  Someone just showed me a book this weekend on Mongols.
"The Secret History of the Mongols", trans. by Francis Woodman Cleaves.  The
original text was written in Mongolian around 1240 AD, but does not survive.
It was translated phonetically into Chinese in the following century, and
from this the English translation made.  Hardcover copy is just over $20.

A site I just hit on that talks more about Mongol names is

and that is linked to by Modar's SCA site at
(he's the Baron of Forgotten Sea, and a herald too...)

Ulf Gunnarsson

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