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Bella elvenwolf at
Wed May 3 08:20:13 PDT 2000

That somebody would be me. There are plenty of sources on the web. And the book
is available from Amazon (where I got it). Get in touch with me and we'll talk,
I'd be happy to help out.

Lady Sibeal (yes I'm Irish, but my lord recently - after 8 years- finally decided
on a Mongol persona)

>Foailtighearna wrote:
>> I am currently doing research on Mongols as a whole.  I was hoping that
>> kind soul might have some better information about them than I could find.

>> (mainly on period names {I could only find bits and pieces} and possible

>> dress {If any aside from Caftan})
>What a coincidence.  Someone just showed me a book this weekend on Mongols.

>"The Secret History of the Mongols", trans. by Francis Woodman Cleaves.  The

>original text was written in Mongolian around 1240 AD, but does not survive.

>It was translated phonetically into Chinese in the following century, and
>from this the English translation made.  Hardcover copy is just over $20.
>A site I just hit on that talks more about Mongol names is
>and that is linked to by Modar's SCA site at

>(he's the Baron of Forgotten Sea, and a herald too...)
>Ulf Gunnarsson

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