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Tue May 2 09:05:09 PDT 2000

I have had this note forwarded to me by several folks who are interested in the
fleeces -- While I have a huge 5+ acre field that intend to put sheep in next
door to my home in McDade, TX, it needs fence repairs (mostly clearing growth
out of the fence line and straightening up and replacing a few posts) followed
by adding goat fence all around (4 strand barbed-wire right now).  

I would be willing to go get the animals in question and keep them fed, vetted
and happy -- *IF* I can find volunteers who want to help fix fence, pitch in
towards purchasing goat fencing and will help install it -- and of course who
will come out and help at lambing and shearing time. Then these self-same volunteers
would get the fleeces.

(Here's the whitewash, there's the fence....)

If any of you spinning folks (or those with an interest in medieval animal husbandry)
are interested, contact me offlist at <gunnora at>


>> Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 01:39:46 -0500
>> From: "Susan Childers" <Catriana at>
>> Subject: Spinners flock
>> Due to financial reasons I need to sell about 1/2 of my 
>> little flock. These 6 or 7 head are mixed breed sheep, most 
>> are rather small, very hardy and lamb outside mostly 
>> producing twins. They are not registered and are not show 
>> quality but they have been very good to us over the years.  
>> There are white, black and silver ewes in this group. I 
>> don't have a ram I can let go with them but they  would do 
>> well to be bred to a suffolk or dorsett ram for market 
>> lambs. As I said, these are not large sheep but their lambs
>> fatten well on grass and grow quickly. They have all been 
>> wormed and vaccinated with Bar-Vac 7.  If you are interested 
>> please contact me privately.  I live near Cookeville 
>> Tennessee.
>> Thanks,
>> the Blacksheep
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