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If you've seen The Advocate or the latest Joan of Arc movie then you
know that there are a lot of transcripts that have survived from period
trials. The actual words said during the trial. Come join us at Bryn
Gwlad's Le Grande Dispute May 5,6,7 as we recreate the Boar's Breast.

Here, straight from the Bryn Gwlad library of St. Michael, are some
snippets from the trial of Bryn Gwlad vs. Jack Horn and Rosie...

Barrister: And you say that on the night of June the 14th you did
knowingly sell a deadly poison to one John Cooper? The very poison that
killed Stephen of Kent?

Jack: Well, as a service to our fair city, I do on occasion sell rat
poison to, know, keep down the vermin population, but what a man
does with that rat poison is his own business.

Barrister: Oh, come now, do you expect us to believe that you had no
idea that Aphrodite, one of your own "girls" had planned to kill him?
Hadn't she talked openly about it in you presence?

Jack: Umm,... well,.... she might of once or twice, but who can tell
when a trug is just ...,you know, talking.

Barrister: "Just talkin"?! and how many vials of poison have you sold,
Mr. Horn?

Jack: I gots nothing to hide. Maybe a dozen or so. But I never asks a
man, or... or a lady, what it's for. None of me business.

Barrister: A dozen or so. You don't know how many vials of deadly poison
you've sold? Isn't that a bit reckless? To say the least?!

Jack: It's business. Like I said.

The next session was with Rosie and the Baronial Lawyer.

Barrister: Bailiff! Bailiff! Help me! Restrain this woman. Now Miss...

Rosie: Rosie.

Barrister: Miss Rosie, then you assaulted a baronial guardsman with a
chair? What provoked such a rash and violent action?

Rosie: He shorted me on me tip, he did. And called me a filthy name.

Barrister: Your...tip? Wasn't it you who accosted this honest guardsman
and when he refused you called him filthy names? Such was the report of
3 eyewitnesses. Then when he tossed you a penny you smashed a chair over
his head.

Rosie: Why you lackwit. You three-inch wonder... I'll knock your cap
about your ears. Hold still while I beat you!

Apparently it took 4 bailiffs to remove Rosie from the courtroom.

They even made Mona, one of their "girls" take the stand.

Barrister: Would you, for the court, name the various and sundry
offenses you've seen take place at the Boar's Breast? And remember, you
can be burned at the stake for testifying falsely.

Moan: (crying for several minutes) They was selling poisons, and fake
love potions. I bought one meself at first thinking I could win a boys
heart. It was just sugar or something. Jack sold letters of credit from
the Bank of Bryn Gwlad for 20% of the amount. Those was real popular.
Only a few connies would buy alchemical recipes for gold or silver. And
of course the sacking upstairs.

Barrister: Sacking?

Mona: You know, the act of darkness, tupping, vaulting...

Barrister: I'm not sure I follow you. Could you explain further?

Mona: Lads could rent a room upstairs. With or without sheets. With
sheets was for all night. An honest sleep if there was one to be had in
the Boar's Breast, but without sheets was just for a few minutes of
carnal pleasure.

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