ANST - learning to sew

Thu May 4 14:51:58 PDT 2000

 For anybody who lives down this way: on Thursday May 11th or  Friday
May 12 I'm  going to be teaching a friend  the basics of machine sewing.
I'm also going to show her the basics of embroidery. Is there anyone
who's relatively new to the SCA in this area who'd like to come and
learn as well? I currently live in Houston between Fairbanks-North
Houston Rd and Beltway 8. Call me by Monday the May the 8th at
713-983-0137 and ask for Rachel/Isabeau. I'm not a Laurel or anything
but I'm willing to share what I know.
                                                    -In service to the
p.s. You can try emailing me at backdoorsally at or
stdrlc13 at but there's no guarantee  that  I'll  get the emails.

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