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Greetings unto the populace

On a mundane note, after a long day of building prints at my mundane occupation of projectionist, I was rewarded. The reward was screening Gladiator. Well, It was quite a movie. I enjoyed it immensely. Although a work of fiction, based on history, it was a movie I would happily see again. As a whole, I think that we the public being more informed than ever before has forced Hollywood to at least have a basis in research. I'll not give away anything! :) But It was grand to see the Coliseum for what it was historically, a Wonder of the Roman Empire and a Marvel of Mechanics for it's time period. On a personal note, I am still vexed as to why we think it is acceptable in playing Romans to have an English accent? Immediately we think "phony" when we hear an american accent in such a role. Hmmmm..... Guess it's Shakespear's Legacy that all Romans have an English accent. :) I have gotten off track....
The movie...... Must see, I felt it marched (not plodded) toward an interesting climax, sparked with action. The characters I felt were believable and human, helping draw us into a world that remains only through study and research. 
Well, enough of this non-essential opinion. I thank you for your time.
Ld Magnus
Shire of Mendersham

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