ANST - Size of regions

Michael Tucker michaelt at
Fri May 5 08:55:01 PDT 2000

Hi, folks:

This is not a complaint, or even a call to action. Just a bit of trivia I
thought I'd share with y'all 'cause I thought it was interesting.

I've created a map of the Coastal Region using MapQuest and saved it to my PC as
wallpaper. Yeah, what can I say... one sick puppy. But it's handy to have right
there where I can see it all the time. :-)

Anyway, in the process of doing this I wondered how far it was from one end of
the region to the other. The answer tickled my memory, so I compared it to
another bit of trivia I had stashed away, and sure enough: it's about the same
distance from McAllen, TX to Nacogdoches, TX (502.5 miles) as it is from San
Diego, CA to San Francisco, CA (508.9 miles). [Distances per]

I don't think that's a Bad Thing (tm), I just find it interesting and kind of
cool. Especially since this is just one of 5 regions in the Kingdom, and
Ansteorra is about in the middle when compared to the size of other Kingdoms. It
sort of puts things in perspective when folks complain about how far it is to
events. Just think: this could be the Midrealm! :-)

Michael Silverhands
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