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gptaylor gtaylor at
Sun May 7 10:09:30 PDT 2000

Greetings, Ansteorra from your Acting Kingdom Hospitaler!

Okay...we've just gotten some great free national advertisting.  Let's see what we
can do with it!

Update those web sites, particularly concerning contact information.
If your group doesn't have one...make a web site!
Find ways to get your groups contact phone number someplace accessible to the
general public!
Remember to actually CALL BACK or write, those who contact us.
Set up demos and newcomer's classes.
Smile and Greet those who come out.  Find ways to integrate them in your local
Have good information ready for them.
Make sure that your hospitaler gets a copy of this program....

For those who want info to give out, aimed at fighter practice walkups...there's
some now available that, with few modifications, will be very handy for your group.
Check out the new two-fold flyer available on the hospitaler's site.  It was created
by Milady Kateline of Bjornsborg.   Do remember that y'all should make sure to TALK
to these folks, too....

Finally, any group participating in a big demo, where it would be beneficial to have
outside groups come, write to me and I'll post it on the hospitaler's Web Site....

Isobel (Naggy Acting Kingdom Hospitaler) ;)

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