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Sun May 7 10:21:52 PDT 2000

As soon as the broadcast was over, Vallust and I got on the CBS site and
e-mailed them a big thank you.  We also asked them if it was possible to
establish a link from their article on us on the web to the society's web
It was a wonderful broadcast.  Everyone looked like they were having such a
great time.  What surprised me, though, was when they said there were 25,000
members worldwide and 150,000 participants, which breaks down to about 5
non-members to 1 member.  Maybe this broadcast will help shrink the gap.


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> Greetings, Ansteorra from your Acting Kingdom Hospitaler!
> Okay...we've just gotten some great free national advertisting.  Let's see
what we
> can do with it!

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