ANST-Announce - Food at Steppes Warlord

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun May 7 10:25:31 PDT 2000

Greetings and Hi There,

For those not wanting to bother with cooking and cleaning dish and the such
at Steppes Warlord, there are some good gentles that, for a small fee, will
take care of those time consuming tasks for you.

Breakfast will be served by The Long Ship Company.  Start the day out with
one of  their made to order GREAT omelets. They will also have hot
chocolate, coffee, and O.J. for only a suggested donation, $4.00.  That's
where I'm having breakfast.

Gilli's Place will be serving lunches and dinners.  Disposables will be
provided, so feast gear will not be needed.  However, please bring your mug
and chair.  Tentatively for Lunch we will be serving Stir Fry, Rice, Summer
sausages, Gilli's special sausage, Ham, Cole slaw, Ranch potato salad, Baked
beans, Veggies and dip, bread and butters, cheeses.  Cost $4.00.

For dinner, we are planning to serve Gilli's Chicken and Meat Loaf, Rice*,
Potatoes*, Stuffing*, Corn*, Green beans*, Carrots*, Chilled fruit Cocktail,
Chilled Puddings.   *A different type each meal. Cost $6.00.

Coffee, tea, sodas, milk and O.J. will be available all day for a small fee.
Also available all day or till it runs out, will be a pot of Gilli's Arrow
Making  Party Stew.  Have a bowl for $1.00.  Price adjustments will be made
as necessary.

If you are planning on eating at Gilli's Place at Steppes Warlord, please
e-mail me at gilli at   so I might get an idea of how many to cook
for. Thank you to those who already have.



For good Food, eat at Gilli's Place.

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