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Michele Hoerman ladyjutta at
Sat May 6 10:56:49 PDT 2000

What a wonderful piece on the SCA. I was so proud of how tasteful the
piece was and how they made the event look like a lot of fun, to
as well as those of us who are. As a matter of fact, my mother (who did
know the story was going to air and had never been to an event) called
after the piece and said that she was surprised that there were so many
people involved in something so organized. She said that it looked like
everyone was having fun and very involved. She now is interested in
an event (something I have tried to do for several years)
I say Vivat Ansteorra, Vivat SCA, Vivat CBS...

Ldy Jutta Zetlschaffen
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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