ANST - The CBS Special--from TRM

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Sun May 7 21:11:17 PDT 2000

Unto Their Noble Subjects do TRM Alaric and Kayleigh send Greetings!

The viewing of the segment aired today filled Our hearts with a bit of the 
same joy and patriotic spirit that We felt during that fateful week in 
Ansteorran history.  We would entreat those that are fortunate enough to see 
this recording, to use the pride and joy that fills YOUR breasts to submit a 
patriotic anthem into the Royal Competition!

Also, We would like to publicly and enthusiastically thank Master Modius for 
his heroic efforts in managing and guiding the CBS film crew at the War.  He 
gave up a sizable portion of his free time at the War to chronicle 
Ansteorra's (and a few of Trimaris') heroes.  Vivat, Modius!!

You continue to make Us proud Ansteorra.

Alaric and Kayleigh Drake, 
King and Queen of the People of the Sable Star
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